Dangers Of Abdominal Fat

by Sean Cavanaugh

People around the world are dying because they carry around excess fat. That excess fat causes many problems which lead to their deaths. What does this have to do with abs. Excess ab fat is one of the most lethal fats in the body.

When most people think about fat around the abs they think of it as being unattractive. They think the ab fat is keeping people from seeing the sexy abdominal muscles underneath. Although this may be the case there is a much greater issue to be concerned about.

Your abdominal area is made up of two types of fat. The health risk of one of those fats is very high.

Eighty percent of the fat in your bodies lies just beneath the skin. It is also known as subcutaneous fat. This fat is above the abdominal muscles and must be reduced to see your abs.

The next type of fat accumulates to the amount of four pounds per year in non active individuals. A.K.A. – Pot Belly, Beer Belly, Apple Shape, Pear Shape. This fat is hard when pushed on, not flabby. Visceral fat surrounds the organs deep in your body.

Both types of fat are dangerous. However, scientific research is constantly learning more about how bad visceral fat really is.

You will greatly reduce your risk of many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, alzheimer’s and many more by lowering your visceral fat. You see your bodies immune system is powered by inflammatory messengers. Visceral fat releases too many and sends your immune system into dangerous overdrive. This overdrive attacks healthy tissue and slowly destroys your body.

If all your looking to do is reduce your ab fat and create a tight toned midsection so you look fantastic then that’s great. However, now that you know the health risk involved you can use that as motivation to stay focused and succeed. You will not only look great on the outside, but your inside will be looking great too.

Now that you know how dangerous ab fat is to your body, what’s the solution? Most of the things you have tried or seen others try simply don’t work. The first thing you need to realize is there is no magic bullet. No simple trick that will transform your abs over night. However, if you learn some sound principles there is an effective way to get results.

Don’t fall into the trap of doing thousands of sit-ups and hours of cardio. After all most of the people you know who do these things don’t have the ultimate abs. If you want to really have success then you need to follow sound nutritional advice and use strategic workouts. Try and do this on your own and you will probably give up before you succeed. Why is this?

As you have learned in this article healthy abs are important to your overall health. When you fail to follow through on sound workout and nutritional plans you are opening yourself up to inflammatory diseases and other health issues. Developing hot abs is not just about your looks any more. You now know the truth about the health risk of having a fat midsection.

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