Washboard Abs Without Ab Crunches

Washboard Abs Without Ab Crunches
by Mark Roberts

6 pack abdominal muscles can be obtained by most people. If you have a little extra tummy fat and need to lose weight then you may have 6 pack abs that show. You may even be in shape right now but with that extra belly fat you have a lot to loose by not loosing weight.

Ask yourself what could be gained by loosing weight? Health problems that excess weight can cause or aggravate are hypertension, diabetes, sleep apniah and many of these problems can be improved by loosing weight. You may also have washboard abs laying under that layer of tummy fat.

By reducing tummy fat ab muscles will appear more defined to you and others. This makes ripped abs more noticeable. By reducing fat and adding exercise and a good diet menu this could accelerate your weight loss from months to weeks.

Many people do not have what it takes to proceed successfully with a diet program because they are often too restrictive and exercising is a commitment. Always look at ways to reduce calories and reduce fat to eliminate weight gain.

Consider reducing carbohydrates, sugars and calories to reach your weight loss goal. Try eating more meals during the day but much less at each sitting. Drink plenty of water to help feel full and this should also help eliminate toxins during dieting.

The most obvious is reducing fats. Buy low fat versions of your favorite foods and even consider eating less of the low fat versions. Consider more salads and raw vegetables and fruits. If it comes in a bag processed consider again before placing it in your mouth.

You may even be familiar with BMI or Body Mass Index. This is basically a chart or index of how fat or lean you may be. It is a good guideline for your average person but my be a little skewed if your extremely athletic or new data or research proves otherwise.

Ripped ads are not a myth as some people would want you to believe it is all about discipline and dedication. Losing belly fat just makes washboard abs more noticable. With basic discipline and motivation to improve diet you could be showing off your 6 pack abs in weeks.

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