How To Lose Weight And Learn The Truth About Six Pack Abs

How To Lose Weight And Learn The Truth About Six Pack Abs
by Yomi A

It is a known fact that almost everyone would like to get rid of belly fat. It is the goal of many people to replace their belly fat with solid six-pack abs.

Of course, there are many so called experts on the internet who try to impress people and claim they have the secrets to developing a killer six pack. The real trick is being able to find good, solid advice that actually works.

There are some important facts you should consider in order to develop a six-pack ab. Knowing the right exercises to perform and understanding your food intake is very important.

Developing the six-pack abdominals you are longing to get takes more than just performing long, slow distance running or doing hundreds of crunches. A book called the truth about six-pack abs explains how some of these misunderstandings and misconceptions can be easily accepted by people who think that is the way to get six pack abs.

People think doing a lot of repetitive cardio is the best way to lose body fat. Actually performing short explosives exercises that can elevate your heart rate quickly have shown to be more effective and take less time to perform.

There are a lot of sports supplements that claim to help you lose weight and are consider “fat burners”. These supplements do far from what they claim, are unnecessary and wastes your money in the long run. When you read the truth about six pack abs you learn that these products have been found to offer no long lasting results, and only provide a short fat loss duration if any at all.

Another big misconception is that people need to invest in the latest abdominal gadgets that are seen in the magazines and on the infomercials. Things such as the ab-belt, the ab-rocket and other gimmicks do not offer a long-term solution for your ab training.

If you want to know the real facts about building and keeping six pack abdominal muscles, then you should read “The truth about six pack abs” program. A fitness professional has complied the program from his own research. On top of that he has personally used these techniques and methods with a lot of his own clients. This is something I recommend you look into if you are serious about losing weight around your stomach area and seek to get six pack abs.

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We All Have The Ability To Get Six Pack Abs

by Rusty Moore

Why Don’t More People Have 6 Pack Abs?

Why is it that 6 pack abs are so prevalent in magazines and movies, but not so common in the real world. Remember Brad Pitt in Fight Club, or Daniel Craig in “James Bond”? What about Jessica Alba in “Into the Blue”. Do movie stars have a different physiology than normal folks? Of course not! I think the main reason that people don’t have 6 pack abs is that they don’t believe it is possible or realistic for them. Believe me, you can get amazing abs with the proper approach. Yes, just as good as Will Smith in “I Am Legend”.

Lifting a Large Amount of Weight is Not As Impressive as Toned Abs

Don’t be too impressed with the guy who can squat 500+ pounds or the guy who can bench 315 for reps. Seriously, this is much more common than a person with a ripped midsection. There are more people who can run for 1 hour straight than have six pack abs. Can you dunk a basketball? I put that in the same “rare air” as having incredible washboard abs. If you have been working out for a year or so and don’t have 6 pack abs, then you aren’t spending your time properly in the gym.

six pack abs

Cfirm and flatten your abs

A Sexy Looking Body Starts With a Great Set Of Abs

Fat around your stomach is usually the last part of your body to lose fat. Women have it even tougher than men because they have this stubborn area along with the butt and thighs. If you get to the point where you lose fat over your midsection, the body fat over your entire body will have melted off. It is very common to see guys with toned arms but a fat stomach. You never ever see a guy with ripped abs and fat shoulders and arms. I can tell you with complete certainty that if you have a toned mid section, your entire body will be extremely defined.

A Washboard Stomach is 80-90% About Diet and Cardio

You don’t get great abs from crunches and sit ups. I haven’t done any type of crunching movement in over 5 years and my abs look phenomenal. Ab exercises certainly will help your abs look a tiny bit better, but focus your time on the thing that gives you the best results. I would say 90% of great abs is from diet and cardio. I wouldn’t even bother doing crunches if your body fat is high, spend that extra 15 minutes and add that to your cardio workout.

Ab Exercises Probably Account for Only 10% of the Results

Some people will freak out if they don’t do at least some for of crunching movement. If that is the case then do 3-4 sets, don’t just spend too much time here. Spend the majority of your time burning body fat with cardio. I prefer running, since it forces your core to stabilize your body while you do it. Your abs have to tighten to transfer force from your legs to your upper body. This is especially true with interval training, which involves sprinting.

Summary: You probably just need to increase the cardio and decrease the calories if you don’t have six pack abs. I know it sounds almost too simple, but believe me it will work for you.

six pack abs

Cfirm and flatten your abs

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Risk Of Ab Fat

by Sean Cavanaugh

The risk of obesity is a problem that people throughout the world face. Fat unapologetically kills millions every year. You probably already know this. But, what you may not know is ab fat is possibly the most dangerous fat of all.

When most people think about fat around the abs they think of it as being unattractive. They think the ab fat is keeping people from seeing the sexy abdominal muscles underneath. Although this may be the case there is a much greater issue to be concerned about.

Your abdominal area is made up of two types of fat. The health risk of one of those fats is very high.

The first layer of fat hides the ab muscles you so desperately want to show off. Making up 80% of your bodies fat the subcutaneous fat lays just beneath the skin. When people talk about body fat percentage this is the type of fat they are referring to.

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The organs of our bodies are protected by a layer of fat called visceral fat. When an excess of this fat surrounds the organs it becomes a serious health issue. This fat often shows itself in the belly of men, and the hips and butt of women. Although these areas have flabby subcutaneous fat the visceral fat usually has a hard feeling to it. As when you push a mans belly and it really doesn’t sink in.

When considering the dangers visceral fat is by far the worse of the two. So be concerned about just the outer layer of fat would be a mistake.

Visceral fat causes the body to release more inflammatory messengers. This is a major driving force behind inflammatory disease. These inflammatory messengers are used in your bodies immune defense system. However, when there are too many messengers the system turns on itself. It begins to attack healthy tissues. This can lead to many of the so called inflammatory diseases. These include Alzheimer’s, cancer, and may include asthma, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and more.

six pack abs

Now that you are armed with this information you should walk into the gym with purpose. Reducing ab fat could literally save your life. At the very least you will help avoid many of the diseases that plague the world. Oh, and of course you will create hot sexy six pack abs.

Now it’s time to get to work. Sorry to say but the ab fads, diets, gimmicks, and contraptions don’t work. Stop looking for the easy button. That said it you learn the proper way to eat and workout for ab success you can see results in a short amount of time.

Don’t fall into the trap of doing thousands of sit-ups and hours of cardio. After all most of the people you know who do these things don’t have the ultimate abs. If you want to really have success then you need to follow sound nutritional advice and use strategic workouts. Try and do this on your own and you will probably give up before you succeed. Why is this?

Most people don’t see results and decide to take the easy way out and quit. However, after reading this article you know you are not only giving up on looking your very best. You are giving up on a healthy lifestyle that can help keep you from experiencing the horrible inflammatory diseases.

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