Kettlebell Workout – Two 24kg Kettlebells – Jerk

WorldKettlebellClub asked:

On July 21st, 2007, American Kettlebell Club and Valery Fedorenko had an International Kettlebell Lifting Coach Certification in Athens, Greece. This clip shows a 7 minute set of 105 Reps. – Jerk with two 24kg Kettlebells. This athlete has only been lifting Kettlebells for 6 months demonstrating that having a good Coach, teaching good methods and proper technique, can give impressive results.

Dynamic Solutions Kettlebell Workout

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Dynamic Solutions is the hottest growing gym in the DC metropolitan area, with the hottest training implements! Kettlebells are currently the most talked about fitness tool in the industry. Why? Because they produce better results, in less time. Unfortunately, there is a lack of true knowledge and expertise. Darius Gilbert is a recognized fitness expert whose extensive knowledge of kettlebells, and training methods which use them, is unmatched. Take a look here at an intense friday class with Darius and the gang!

Quick Results Kettlebell Workout

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Watch the Quick Results Kettlebell Workout trailer. The ultimate workout to boost your endurance, strength and cardio conditioning; ALL at once! Perfect for all fitness levels!