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100 Exercise Tips

Determine your purpose of working out. When it comes to the level of intensity that you want to go through in working out, you need to determine your purpose for it first. You have to decide if you want to simply get fitter or...

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100 fitness tips

Determine the reasons why you are not fit. One of the best ways to get fitter is to determine the reasons why you are overweight. It could be that you are ignoring service size whenever you eat, you lack exercise, you love to...

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CrossFit Exercises

  Cross fit training is considered as a series of exercises that is intended to improve your conditioning and strength. Basically, CrossFit training focuses primarily in weightlifting under the Olympic style. There are different...

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Building Muscle

Perhaps you would like to develop your muscles for your health, or maybe you just would like to feel good – there’s nothing wrong with that. Whatever your reason, there’s a correct method and an incorrect...

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