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How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off
by Jason KM Oh

Losing weight and getting in shape doesn’t happen overnight – it takes effort, focus and determination. Once you understand the basics on losing the body fat and about what it really takes to build a better body, you’ll never fall prey to fads, gimmicks or scams ever again.

There are hundreds of ways to lose body fat, but there are truly only a few ways you should stick to in order lose the weight and keep it off in the long term. Here are 6 simple tips to keep it simple, and change the way you go about it-

1. Be Aware of Non Hungry Eating = Become aware of your eating habits, the reasons you may be eating such as stress, boredom or out of habit. Record what you eat for a few days to help increase awareness of the reasons for eating.

2. Sweat It Out – When you train, it’s not about chatting about your weekend, or taking it easy on a treadmill- it’s all about training hard (with very little rest between moves). Fact is, if you want to shed more pounds, high intensity workouts burn more calories than easy, chat on the treadmill routines.

3. Make Your Workouts Count – If you face plenty of obstacles that conspire to keep you away from the gym such as work deadlines, sick kids and the occasional lack of enthusiasm – you’re not alone. However, you can help yourself by planning an excuse proof schedule with time efficient fat burning workouts using interval training and a combination of lower and upper body moves. There require very little time, but challenging enough to stimulate your fat burning hormones. More importantly, for females – weight training is essential and you are better off doing strength training to sculpt your body, and interval training to burn the fat.

4. Keep Your Body Guessing – You have to “keep your body guessing”. This is the main principle of a good fat loss program – Variety in strength training and cardio exercise.Even with the best strength and interval programs, you have to vary the routine on a regular basis. If you don’t mix it up, your body will not change, adapt, or improve in order to handle the different workouts.

5. Having a strategy for small indulgence is a good idea. So cheat a little if you have to on the weekend. The occasional slice of pizza or bowl of ice-cream is good for your diet. Or snack on something clearly defined in size and calorie intake, such as 2 or 3 squares of rich, dark chocolate.

6. Eat Well – Regardless of how much exercise you do, you still need to follow a healthy eating plan in order to reduce body fat and keep it off. Avoid being famished after exercise by eating a light meal or healthy snack an hour or two before you start.

A tip to always keep in mind – When it comes to losing the weight; WHAT YOU REALLY WANT IS TO BURN THE BODY FAT, WHILE KEEPING THE MUSCLE! “FAT LOSS is what you want, not weight loss.” If your body was 100% rock-solid muscle, would you care how much you weighed? Probably not. Start reducing your body fat with the 6 simple tips now.

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