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What a Single Cigarette Can Do to Your Health

An average of 400,000 Americans die each year from frequently smoking cigarettes. This vast number implies that in every five deaths that occur in America one is caused by cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking has also set a new mortality trend on modern day American society. It is roughly estimated that within 1960 and 1990, lung cancer deaths brought about by frequent cigarette smoking among women have exceeded breast cancer deaths by an astounding 400% during the mid-80’s.

With these disturbing figures, you might find it alarming how a simple cigarette stick could inflict such damage over a huge number of the American population. Most smokers may be aware of the major risks and complications attributed to frequent cigarette smoking. What they lack, however, is knowledge that a simple cigarette practically inflicts varying degrees of damage on each vital part of the human body.

Lung cancer, emphysema, and bronchitis – these are the typical chronic diseases that are equated to smoking cigarettes. However, having knowledge about these three chronic diseases brought about by cigarette smoking is like scratching the mere surface of a looming greater damage that cigarette smoking is capable of. One major recipient of the fatal blow of cigarette smoking is the heart. The implications of cigarette smoking on the human cardiovascular system are quite vast: it lessens the HDL cholesterol, or which is commonly called as the “good” cholesterol, which is responsible for keeping a balance well-being of the heart. Frequent cigarette smoking also diminishes the elastic capabilities of the largest blood vessel in the body, the aorta, which increases the chances of fostering blood clots. Plus, have you ever heard anyone say that they smoke to release stress? This is usually the answer of most smokers; however, contrary to being a means of alleviating stress, smoking does the complete opposite. Taking a single puff from a stick of cigarette dramatically increases the sympathetic nervous system’s activity which in effect, creates more stress on the regulating system of the heart and blood vessels. Women smokers, on the other hand, face a much riskier condition because cigarette smoking diminishes the production of estrogen, which then increases the probability of having some form of cardiovascular ailments.

Other than the apparent negative effects of cigarette smoking to the lungs and the cardiovascular system, your bones and joints also face the same damage from constant smoking. Frequent cigarette smoking hampers the formation of new bones. But the most disturbing part of this is that women are most prone to this kind of damage. Women smokers involve themselves with a very high risk of developing osteoporosis and they are also vulnerable to fostering a case of rheumatoid arthritis. In general, however, both men and women smokers are susceptible to various degenerative disorders that can also lead to damages to the spine. Aside from bone and joint damages, constant cigarette smoking is also capable of causing peptic ulcers by reducing the production of prostaglandin and bicarbonate which in turn dramatically increases the acid secretion of the body. The mere act of holding a stick of cigarette in your mouth already poses dangers that may lead to mouth infections, bad breath, and tooth decay. Simply put, smoking cigarettes at a frequent period, radically affects your over-all well-being. Now, the best move or path that one must take is that path towards a cigarette smoking-free life.

To make your journey towards this path a lot easier, be sure that you employ the help of the Cig-Arette System. Being an active cigarette smoker for a very long period of time, the mere thought of quitting is capable enough to make you cringe. It is very true that quitting such nasty habit is one tough task; however, with the aid of the Cig-Arette System, which involves undergoing a seven-day program, kicking off this vice can be quite easy. Unlike the common methods or cigarette substitute such as nicotine gums and nicotine patches, Cig-Arette System is compromised of organic and natural components only, that are proven to help you curb down on your cigarette dependence. In this way, you are completely free from any form or dose of nicotine that most of these conventional substitutes contain. All it takes are 7-days of pure devotion to the program, and you will find yourself more rejuvenated and free from the nasty effects that cigarette smoking can bring.

Cigarette smoking is probably one of the most pointless activities that man ever came up with. You gain nothing from it except a swarm of harmful diseases that can eventually lead to death. Basically, the act of smoking gains you nothing but takes everything from you. Whatever your reasons are for opting to smoke cigarettes, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re pulling yourself into a downward spiral of death that is completely meaningless and futile. Thus, through the act of unfastening the firm hold of cigarette smoking on your body, you profess that you value life and the other lives that coincide with yours.

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